It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.
(Charles Darwin, L’Origine della specie, 1859)…

…innovating, reinventing oneself, internationalizing companies or pursuing “unfulfilled dreams” is something that suits more to a business network rather than to a single company. These are the purposes of three old friends that have decided to give birth to “CASA ITALIA SISTEM”.

Giuseppe, Simone and Oliviero, owners respectively of Bocci and Partners Srl, Mobilspazio Contract and Simeg Srl, well motivated by values and goals widely shared, in November 2013 gave rise to a business network of companies referring to the same sectors: INTERIOR DESIGN and CONTRACT. These companies, characterised by years of experience and a strong relationship with their local roots, decided to realise a common project and to enter the market with an unique structure.

It’s a project where business and different industrial plans meet themselves, succeeding in finding a strong contact point sharing strategies and goals.


The resources offered by each company, their know-how and capitals, allow “Casa Italia System” to provide a complete service realising the dreams of enlightened customers.

Our experience, the search for new technologies and materials, our passion, have only one purpose: understanding the needs of the customer and of the product that he dreams to accomplish, implementing it according to the required standards.

The collaboration between our companies facilitates the resolution of problems, so that any dream will never be unfulfilled, on the contrary they can take shape and become reality.

Casa Italia System offers:

  • architectural design and the study of the image using photo-realistic representations
  • integrated planning of structures and technological and security systems
  • quotation of all the activities
  • architectural structural and systems management, site management and technical assistance
  • supply and installation of joinery furniture, residential or office furniture, wall units and panel walls
  • blacksmith works, doors and windows works, etc.
  • lighting
  • fixtures, curtains, accessories and home furnishings.

Thank to our service one contract guarantees compliance with the negotiated conditions minimizing both the delivery time and the costs thanks to our efficient organization.

We can also provide partial services.

We can help Architects and Interior Designers, giving them support during the different stages of their work. We verify all the solution they study, giving a complete guarantee to the fulfilment of final result.


The business network “Casa Italia System” is constituted by "Bocci and Partners s.r.l.", "Mobilspazio Contract" e "Simeg s.r.l".


Shared strategies are possible thanks to a shared vision that led inevitably to:

  • Share mission, values, resources, organization creating synergies in order to achieve the same goals of competitiveness.
  • Collaborate in the development and realisation of business initiatives toward foreign markets.
  • Search innovation encouraging the generation with new ideas.


In this vision there is also space for another dream: being the reference point for other companies of our territory (The Marches) that are involved in the Contract and that are complementary to the business network, “CASA ITALIA SYSTEM”. An added value that will ensure a more complete offer to our proposal, that is “building a system and a model of an Italian habitat”. From the supply to the design, from plant design- home automation to energy efficiency improvement. An Italian and Marchigian excellence.


Another characteristic of the network is its hospitality for all customers. People, when the plane lands, want to find a friendly and familiar environment, before plunging into the business; in order to ensure this atmosphere, the network provides an agritourism situated among the hills, near Macerata (“La casa sul Fiume”, owned by one of the partner) and will also feature some itineraries that will turn away the business trip on a roadway finding out the interesting culture and artistic tradition of “The Marches”.
Proposed itineries: Macerata, Ancona, Pesaro, Ascoli Piceno.